It's our 16th birthday!
Sweet 16

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The GMC Motorhome Photo Archive is a free service to benefit all GMC Motorhome Enthusiasts. However, as with most things worthwhile, there are ongoing costs involved. Donations are gratefully accepted to help cover these expenses which will ensure the archive's existence.

Please consider at least a $25 donation per year to:

Billy Massey
7110 Forbess Dr.
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Your donation also helps to support, The Black List, The GMC Motorhome Marketplace, and The GMC Motorhome Registry.

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The GMC Motorhome Photo Archive is having it's 16th birthday!

It's hard to believe that it has been online for 16 years now.  In a way, it seems like a lifetime.  On the other hand, it seems like only yesterday that we were diligently posting our GMC photos to first one online service, then another, only to lose them when they shut down or held us up for exorbitant amounts of cash or flooded us with advertisements that we had no interest in seeing. 

At the GMC Motorhome Photo Archive, all of our GMC photos are still available for everyone to see.  Not a single one has ever been lost.  And everyone knows where to find them with just a few key search words.

The GMC Motorhome Photo Archive is exclusively for the advancement of our GMC Motorhomes.  It is free and continuously available.  No other enthusiast group, anywhere that I know of, has this caliber of presentation tool available to them.  It is just one more reason why our machines are the most sought after motorhomes in the world.

As of 11/25/2018 the site contained:

50,963 photos in
over 3,113 albums by
over 1,669 registered users.

It requires just about 10 gigabytes of online storage space and
a 25mb database that grows daily.

The site averages a million hits per month by 6,500 unique visitors using around 20 Gigabytes of bandwidth.

Not a red cent has ever been demanded for this service.  It is provided FREE of charge for it's intended purpose and everyone is encouraged to use it to it's full benefit.  User donations have supported the site adequately in the past as I am sure they will continue to do so in the future. 

Today, on it's 16th birthday, please take a moment to make your yearly $25 or $30 (whateer you think it's worth) donation for it's support. 

There are PayPal links on this and the Home Page.
Thank you for your consideration and support.  With your help, we will cause our GMCs to be in even more demand in the future.  They will continue to be the envy of RVers for generations to come.

Billy Massey (bdub)

For those of you who have donated throughout the year, thank you, and please consider yourselves exempt from this annual solicitation.

If you need to know when the last time you donated was, just ask, as I do have that information available.
Use the GMC Motorhome Photo Archive to:
Store GMC related photos
Show a problem in order to solicit ideas for repair
Post photos of your GMC For Sale
Search for photos of a particular problem you're having
Share how you accomplished that tricky repair with others
Show off that new paint job
Post photos of a recent GMC Motorhome Club Rally or Event
Offer GMC items for sale or trade
Warn others of potential problems and show how to avoid them
Learn from everyone else's experiences

The GMC Motorhome Photo Archive is a major part of the support network ( that exists for GMC Motorhome owners.  No other motorhome, or any other RV for that matter, has the kind of service, support, and parts supply network that is available to GMC owners.


From: "Gary Worobec"
To: .gmcnet
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2008 11:36:51 -0800
Subject: [GMCnet] why do we have a photo site?

1. I can archive pictures of stuff I take apart and want to know how to do it again so I save time and money.

2. I can research a project before I do it, so I don't screw it up and cost money

3. I can see how others have done projects and saved money

4. I can find diagrams and schematics so I don't waste time and money

5. I can determine if a particular mod is cost effective for how we use our coach.

6. I kind of like to post pictures so others can see my work and maybe they can save a few bucks.

7. I can see if a project is do-able by me in my shop so I don't get into something I can't finish

So, it's all about the "Benjamins". I can categorically say that by having the photo site I have saved maybe $5000.00 in the past 7 years. That was enough over the years to buy the Q-bag, an aluminum radiator, have Miguel do my front bearings, new shocks, and new awning.

It's like politics in ILLINOIS. "Donate early and donate often"

Gary and Joanne Worobec
Anza, CA
1973 23' Glacier